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Specials: Page 1

Muskets, Rifles, Carbines, Pistols:
ArrowWhen ordering an item offered as a special, please include the item number.

ArrowEIC Bess
Details: Partially converted to percussion, unfinished.
Green Arrow

Item #: S006
$382.00 CDN
$364.00 US
Arrow1777 British Carbine
Details: No lock.
Green Arrow
Item #: S007
$331.00 CDN
$315.00 US
Arrow1770 Carbine Kit
Details: No lock, not inlet for lock.
Green Arrow
Item #: S008
$331.00 CDN
$315.00 US
Arrow1690's Fusil, Brass
Details: Can fire blanks only, needs cleanup, used.
Green Arrow
Item #: S012
$436.00 CDN
$415.00 US
Arrow1728 French, Brass Kit
Details: Thick barrel, needs lock work.
Green Arrow
Item #: S020
$382.00 CDN
$364.00 US
ArrowWhen ordering an item offered as a special, please include the item number.
ArrowAll sales are final. No refunds or exchanges.
ArrowNo warranty applies on any firearm offered as a special. This is because we only warrenty our own work.
ArrowAll shipping costs are extra. Please inquire for shipping costs.
ArrowNo pictures or images are available. (We just want to get these items off our shelves to make room for new products.
ArrowNo repairs or modifications are offered.
ArrowAll above firearms can be fixed up and completed, depending on how much work you wish to do. However, we have priced these items well below the cost of the gun parts.
ArrowWe can supply, (at an extra cost), any missing parts that may be missing from the firearms listed on our specials page. Otherwise they will make great parts for guns, static props or wall hangers.
ArrowAll muskets have normal dirt, and sometimes a spot or two of rust from sitting around. All they will need is a good cleanup.
ArrowAny further questions on any of our specials, please call us so we can discuss details. Please do not Email us with inquiries regarding our specials.
Work That May Be Required For Kits Or Semi-Completed:
ArrowGuns are fully assembled.
ArrowMinor inletting for fitting the lock to the stock.
ArrowMinor polishing and deburring of internal lock parts may be needed.
ArrowMinor lock tuning may be needed.
ArrowMake sure internal lock parts are fitted well and not binding. (Usually the polishing and deburring takes care of this.
ArrowTouch hole needs to be drilled.
ArrowNeeds final sanding and staining.
ArrowOn flint kits: frizzen may need to be final fitted to the pan. Frizzen needs to be hardened.
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